About Us


These are not Ordinary Cookies...

Welcome to Sugarlace Artisan Cookies. We're Deborah and Lauchlin. A small, husband and wife enterprise that started out as a crazy idea over a glass of wine (or two...) and turned into a passion for creating edible bites of art for people’s special occasions. We are not a large production with many employees that decorate hundreds of cookies a week – we are simply two people who want to create something special and deliver the type of service we feel is disappearing in this busy world.

How They're Made

Deborah spends countless hours trying to perfect her craft and design cookies that are unique to her. Her specialty and interest is in precision piping and designing unique cookies for events that are suitable for elegant designs. This in an incredibly time consuming process – but a labour of love.

Lauchlin takes care of the business end of things. He is the one you will be in contact with, making sure the orders are taken and your messages are answered.

We spent months perfecting our exclusive cookie recipes. Our signature recipe is a Honey Ginger cookie. It is unique to us and features award winning, natural honey from Smirlholm Farms. We also offer a Brown Sugar Shortbread cookie that is our own rendition of the traditional classic.

We Love What We Do. We Hope You Will Too.